13th Meeting of the Central European Tectonic Groups - CETEG 2015 was held in KD Střelnice, Kadaň in Czech Republic on 22. - 25. April 2015. It was organized by Czech Geological Survey, Prague and Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University in Prague.

115 participants (61 Czech, 16 Polish, 14 Slovak, 7 Hungarian and 17 from other countries including Austria, Germany and France) took part. 40 oral contributions and 65 posters were presented and discussed. Five invited speakers (Michel Ballevre, Vojtěch Janoušek, Ralf Schuster, Michal Nemčok and Michael Petronis) presented their keynote lectures and held the high standart of scientific program. Two conference excursions were organized. Pre-conference excursion dealt with the geodynamic evolution of western part of the Bohemian Massif with special attention to early Variscan evolution of orogenic superstructure (Guided by Ondej Lexa, Vít Peřestý, Martin Racek and Petr Jeřábek). Post-conference excursion have been devoted to last 14 million years of volcanic evolution of the Doupovské hory complex (Early Oligocene – Early Miocene) guided by Vladislav Rapprich. Here you can download abstracts volume and excursion guide.