Conference Location and Venue

The location of the conference will be NE Hungary, in the modern town of Kazincbarcika. Geologically it is located between the Uppony and Rudabánya Hills, within the Neogene Borsod Basin (type locality of a typical Hungarian bier). Kazincbarcika is a more pleasant place than a modern town would suggest, with nice parks, exceptional playgrounds for all age groups, good wines, palinka, ice cream, and surrounding rolling hills.

The conference venue will be the Hotel Lukács Superior in Kazincbarcika.

Because the hotel is not enough for the anticipated number of participants, we offer other accommodations as well, part of them will play a role in the (social) programs (see in the Accommodation section).


During the registration process, different options will be offered in one of the three hotels, which will play a role in the social programs. The conference itself will be located in the Hotel Lukács, however, the other two option is within walking distance of the conference venue. However, if you prefer to stay in a different accommodation, you are free to do that.

  1. Hotel Lukács Superior
  2. Ambrózia Restaurant and Hotel
  3. HBH Bajor Sörház (beerhouse) and Guesthouse

Check Payment details for prices offered to the participants

Source of good quality wine and spirits: Borháló

You will be informed about the reduced prices for participants and the way of reservation in the near future.