Dear colleagues,

You are cordially invited to the upcoming 19th Central European Tectonic Studies Group Meeting in Hungary

The topic would be:

From rifted margin to subduction, nappe stacking, and basin formation
with a special focus on
Mesozoic structural and stratigraphic evolution of the Inner Western Carpathians (NE Hungary, S Slovakia)

The conference will include two field trips, as usual (the first and last days of the conference). The focus will be put on (1) Triassic salt tectonics; in this topic, we have new results which changed our view on the Cretaceous structural evolution, too. (2) Jurassic stratigraphy, sedimentology, mainly in the Telekesoldal Unit, (3) structural and metamorphic characters of the Jurassic and Triassic of the Rudabánya Hills, (4) Cretaceous nappe stacking in the whole realm.

The umbrella topic definitely and automatically incorporates other orogens, which represent the study area of our divers research groups, including, for example, Norway, Bohemia, Mongolia and others.

The date will be directly after Eastern (12–15th April /Wednesday-Saturday/ or 13–16th April /Thursday-Sunday/, the exact timing depends on the availability of hotels. Please save the date for this conference!

The location of the conference will be in NE Hungary, most probably in the modern town of Kazincbarcika (or eventually in Miskolc). Kazincbarcika is a more pleasant place than a modern town would suggest, with nice parks, good wines, palinka, ice cream, and surrounding rolling hills.

Social events, like a welcome party, conference diner, and wine tasting will be incorporated into the program.

So your only task is to keep in mind the date and register when the exact details will be distributed in the next circular.

Best wishes and also

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

László Fodor, Szilvia Kövér, Éva Oravecz