Dear participants of CETEG 2023,

We hope that you are preparing for the upcoming conference. On the web page, you can find new information concerning the program and your way to Kazincbarcika (Conference details).

In the Downloads section, you can find the abstract volume and excursion volume, and some georeferenced maps that can be useful if you upload them into your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. The excursions will involve ca. 8-9km of walking, so prepare for that with good shoes, clothes, strengthening spirits, etc.

Have a nice Easter,
and See you in Kazincbarcika and North Hungary
Szilvi & Laci

Coming to Kazincbarcika:
by train: Budapest-Miskolc-Kazincbarcika (or from the direction of Košice). You have to change in Miskolc.

By car:
Budapest, M3, turn toward Miskolc M30-E79 at km 148, go around the town of Miskolc by the new highway toward Košice (continuation of M30), and take the connection road 306 to W, only a few kilometers up to the road 26 then continue for ca. 20km NW. You can also go through Eger taking the highway M25 (junction at around km 110) then road 25 and the junction toward Szilvásvárad. This is shorter, but slower and more scenic! Stop in Szarvaskő, a parking lot for a coffee with a view to vertical Jurassic pillows below the castle, and go out for a walk in Dédestapolcsány, a small lake.
Do not take the road Hatvan-Pásztó-23-Pétervására-Ózd; it is closed temporarily with a devastating detour!
The road from Lučenec-Rimavská Sobota-Lenártovce is direct from Bratislava (but could be slow?) From the north, you have several options through Rožňava, Košice, and the boundary crossing at Aggtelek exists. The Houillet-Coburg castle in Edelény is worth seeing.

For a collection of early wine and spirit reserves, we recommend the borháló Kazincbarcika (and not the cellars in Eger!)