Instructions for authors
During the preparation of your abstract please follow the following rules.

The text must have at least 2500 characters and not exceed 6000 characters or 4500 characters plus one figure/table.
The number of characters includes spaces, title, author’s name, author’s affiliation, and acknowledgment. References are not allowed.
The optional figure/table should not exceed dimensions of 160 mm (width) x 200 mm (height), should be in shades of grey, 400 DPI resolution, and in jpg, png, or tiff format. The figure/table will be placed at the end of the abstract, before the acknowledgment. If you decided to include a figure/table in your abstract, please submit the abstract file and figure/table file compressed in a single zip file. Do not insert a figure in the abstract file.
Please note, that your abstract will not be an object of any review process and authors are fully responsible for the content.

Abstract submission
If you prepared your abstract (and optional figure) in accordance with instructions for the authors, please use the following naming for them:

Name of the abstract file: C23_presentingauthorname.doc
Name of the compressed abstract and figure/table files: C23_presentingauthorname.zip
In case you are going to submit several abstracts please number them: C23_presentingauthorname_1.doc C23_presentingauthorname_1.zip, C23_presentingauthorname_2.doc C23_presentingauthorname_2.zip, etc.

Please note, that only one oral presentation will be accepted from one presenting author. The number of posters is limited to 3.